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We are an architecture & design firm specialized in the design and materialization of spaces and furniture characterized by their timelessness, solidity and outstanding attention to details.

CMX has international experience designing spaces and furniture for museums, hotels, restaurants, offices, as well as private houses and apartments, additionally designing collectible pieces that are part of relevant private and public collections. 

CMX's work has been shown in architecture and design exhibitions in Asia, the Middle East, Americas and Europe, and has been published in various international media.


Our main raw material is wood, however, our curiosity, exploration and deep research into materials and processes has allowed us to cover a wide variety of materials such as volcanic stone, glass and steel, to name a few. This is how we create the contrasts, combinations and details that characterize our pieces.


We strongly believe that success comes from collaboration, our studio is a platform formed by progressive thinkers: architects, designers, and engineers working hand in hand with the most talented manufacturers in Mexico: carpenters, blacksmiths, stonemasons, upholsterers, and artisans, all of them dedicated to materializing inspiring spaces and forceful objects that help to improve the quality of contemporary life in a tangible and intangible way.