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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In Lagofondo, S.A. de C.V. (“Lagofondo”), a limited company licensee of the brands: CMX | Carpintería México, and LIM, as well as the website (“Carpintería México”) with address at Avenida Baja California 158, Piso 1, Roma Sur CDMX, we are convinced that the main asset is our clients, potential clients and users, which is why we apply guidelines, policies and procedures to protect your personal and sensitive data.

The personal information of our clients, potential clients and users are collected to:
-Provide information about Lagofondo's products, solutions and/or services and its brands CMX | Carpintería México and LIM, as well as to invite and inform about activities, events or promotions.
-Perform marketing activities and statistical analysis.

In the event that you require access to the personal information that Lagofondo keeps about you to correct, rectify, cancel, or wish to oppose, limit its use and divulgation or exercise any other right conferred by the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Information in Possession of Individuals, or any other applicable legislation or regulation, please send your request by email to

Your request must contain the following information:
-Name and address, in order to respond to your request within the terms established in the applicable law.
-Copy of your ID, passport, driver's license, professional license or any other document that proves your identity.
-Clear and precise description of the personal information on which you seek to exercise any of the aforementioned rights, as well as the clear and precise description of your request.

The text of this Privacy Policy may be modified by Lagofondo, S.A. of C.V. anytime. You will have the right to cancel your personal information or to limit its use and disclosure in the event of changes to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Notice.
This Privacy Policy is governed by the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Information Held by Private Parties and other laws and regulations of the United Mexican States.


The User of the Website knows and accepts that Lagofondo may use a tracking system through the use of Cookies.

Cookies are small, often encrypted text files, located in browser directories. They are used by web developers to help users navigate their websites efficiently and perform certain functions. These functions may reveal means of session identification, authentication or user preferences, as well as any data stored by the browser regarding the website.

Due to their core role of enhancing/enabling usability or site processes, disabling cookies may prevent users from using certain websites.

We will also use the information obtained through Cookies to analyze the pages browsed by the visitor or User, the searches carried out, improve our commercial and promotional initiatives, display advertising or promotions, banners of interest, improve our offer of content and articles, personalize such content, presentation and services.
Cookies are also used so that the User does not have to enter their password as frequently during a browsing session, also to record and corroborate the records, the User's activity and other concepts and commercial agreements, always with the objective of installing Cookies, the benefit of the User who receives it, and will not be used for other purposes outside the Company.

It is established that the installation, permanence and existence of Cookies in the User's or visitor's computer depends on their exclusive will and can be removed from their computer whenever they wish. To know how to remove Cookies from the system, it is necessary to review the Help section of the browser. 

If you want more information about cookies, go to